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A. Michael Coppa, MD

OB/GYNs located in Cranston, RI, Smithfield, RI & Providence, RI

When you’re preparing for pregnancy or expecting a child, you need the expertise and care of a compassionate OB/GYN like Dr. A. Michael Coppa. At his Cranston, Rhode Island and Providence, Rhode Island OB/GYN practice, Dr. Coppa offers comprehensive pregnancy care including care for routine deliveries, and high-risk pregnancy situations. His office is well-equipped to provide you and your baby with a healthy and safe pregnancy, labor, and delivery. Schedule a consultation using the online appointment request or by phone to learn more about the pregnancy services available at his Cranston OB/GYN office.

Pregnancy Q & A

What can I expect during pregnancy exams?

Throughout your pregnancy, you should schedule monthly examinations that allow Dr. Coppa to monitor your health and the health of your baby. As you reach week 28 of your pregnancy, Dr. Coppa requests twice a month visits until week 36, where you then come in for a weekly exam until you’re ready to give birth.

During your pregnancy appointments, Dr. Coppa may perform a physical exam of your uterus and cervix, checking for abnormalities. He also tracks the growth of your baby, routinely measuring your abdomen and using information collected during ultrasounds to ensure your baby’s health.

At each appointment, you can expect Dr. Coppa to check your blood pressure, weight, and the baby’s heartbeat. He may also perform routine in-office tests, such as blood work, urine testing, and specific screenings for conditions like gestational diabetes or pregnancy complications, depending on your medical and family history.

If you have underlying health conditions, such as high blood pressure or diabetes, Dr. Coppa also ensures they are well-controlled and not affecting your pregnancy.

What is a high-risk pregnancy?

Your pregnancy is considered a high-risk pregnancy if your health or the health of your baby is at increased risk for complication for a variety of reasons. You may have a high-risk pregnancy if you:

  • Are obese
  • Are carrying multiple babies
  • Have existing health conditions
  • Have diabetes

Young teens and women over 35 may also be at increased risk for pregnancy complications. If you’ve previously had a high-risk pregnancy, you may again require specialized care throughout your pregnancy and during childbirth.

Dr. Coppa specializes in high-risk pregnancies, creating a custom treatment plan to address the specific needs of you and your baby. He can perform screenings for conditions like Down’s syndrome and birth defects and offers both vaginal and Cesarean deliveries.

How should I prepare for pregnancy?

If you are planning to add to your family, Dr. Coppa can help ensure you’re in optimum health before you become pregnant.

In addition to providing a physical examination, Dr. Coppa can provide you with resources for eating a healthy diet, taking essential prenatal vitamins, and making other lifestyle changes to prepare your body for a pregnancy.

When you’re ready to become pregnant, Dr. Coppa can discuss stopping your birth control.

Learn more about pregnancy services and high-risk pregnancy care by calling the Cranston or Providence office or using the online feature to book an appointment.