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A. Michael Coppa, MD

OB/GYNs located in Cranston, RI, Smithfield, RI & Providence, RI

When you struggle to conceive a child, Dr. A. Michael Coppa offers infertility services to help you find answers. At his OB/GYN practice in Cranston, Rhode Island and Providence, Rhode Island, Dr. Coppa provides diagnostic services to identify the cause of your infertility issues and help you on your journey to becoming a parent. To find out more about available infertility treatments, schedule a one-on-one consultation with Dr. Coppa online or by phone.

Infertility Q & A

What causes infertility?

You may have infertility issues if you haven’t been able to get pregnant after at least a year of having unprotected sex.

In some cases, the infertility issues may be the result of health issues in your male partner, such as low-quality sperm. When the cause of infertility relates to your health as a woman, it may be due to several reasons, including:

  • Endometriosis
  • Ovulation disorders
  • Hormone imbalance
  • Premature ovarian failure

You may also find it difficult to get pregnant because of structural abnormalities in your cervix, uterus, or fallopian tubes. There are also women who experience infertility when no identifiable cause can be found.

How is infertility diagnosed?

Dr. Coppa performs a comprehensive physical exam to diagnose the reason you can’t get pregnant. He may also perform certain tests, such as ovulation testing and a hormone evaluation, during your appointment.

To get a better look at your reproductive organs, Dr. Coppa may request an ultrasound or other imaging tests to identify obstructions or disease. He may also perform a laparoscopic surgical procedure, inserting a slender surgical instrument via a small incision in your abdomen, to explore possible causes of infertility.

In some situations, Dr. Coppa suggests genetic testing to determine if certain defects in your family history are responsible for your infertility.

After your exam and testing, Dr. Coppa offers preconception planning resources to help you make decisions for your future.

What is preconception planning?

To increase your chances of achieving a healthy pregnancy, Dr. Coppa offers preconception counseling and planning services that help ensure your body is ready.

As part of your counseling session, Dr. Coppa discusses your methods of birth control and aspects of your monthly period. He also reviews your medical history to identify any chronic medical issues that may interfere with a healthy pregnancy. Additionally, Dr. Coppa evaluates any medications and supplements you take regularly that can affect your health or future pregnancy. In some cases, Dr. Coppa may suggest testing for STDs.

He may also recommend lifestyle changes you need to make to prepare your body for a baby. These changes include improving your diet, quitting smoking, limiting the use of alcohol, and maintaining a healthy weight.

To discuss your infertility concerns, schedule a consultation online or by calling Dr. Coppa’s office in Cranston or Providence.